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AM Prime Jet Card – Aero Midwest 25 hours at a time

The AM Prime Jet Card is the only way to gain access to the Aero Midwest world-class services without being an Aero Midwest Owner. The AM Prime Jet Card is ideal for individuals and businesses that want the benefits of flying Aero Midwest but fly fewer than 100 hours per year, prefer a short-term commitment, or simply want to experience Aero Midwest.

1-year commitment for 25-hour cards.

24-month commitment for 50-hour cards.   

AM Gold Lease: Lease time with the Aero Midwest Team

The AM Gold Lease is another effective private aviation solution for individuals and business that fly 50 or more hours per year. An AM Gold Lease offers the same benefits as a AM Fractional Share with a different payment structure for those who do not want an initial capital outlay.

Your Trip. Your Call.

With as little as 4 hours notice.

10 Peak Period Days requiring 48 hours notice.